Who can we entrust for cleaning

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Who can we entrust for cleaning

So in this article we cover the second question of article we posted on 11/Jan/2017 ‘Initial questions to consider, before ordering cleaning services in Dubai, to keep our homes hygiene’

2 Are they reliable to receive cleaning supports and helps from?

As we all order cleaning help and support to spend our day efficiently, non us us need to land in trouble by going in to arrangements or connection with any wrong person or service. So reliability is one of the important facts that we always consider when we all required to spend our time with no stress, therefore let’s look in to the advantages and disadvantages in the below diagram

Our own

Full-time maid

Part-time maids or houseboy from cleaning services in Dubai Individual part-time workers
Worker is sick Needs to hire part-time worker Company replace another no additional cost Needs to hire part-time worker
Annual vacation Needs to hire part-time worker and spend vacation money Company take care all expenses and replace another worker, no additional cost Needs to hire part-time worker
Poor performing worker Need to spend money to hire a new worker or accept the service as it is Company will replace another worker, no additional cost or effort Needs look for another worker
Worker steel or break something Bare the lost ourselves Mostly company pay us to recover some cost Bare the lost ourselves
If the worker face any accident We are fully responsible Company is responsible, and replace another We are responsible if it happen while working in our home and many legal issues
When worker is late for work Usually not late Usually not late Usually not late
Worker experience & communication trained and experienced Trained by company and experienced people trained and experienced
Cleaning equipment hygienic and uses our own equipment hygienic if they uses our own equipment hygienic and uses our own equipment

So when we look at the above chart we can understand that to receive this simple help and support continually we can give the highest score on reliability for the cleaning services in Dubai to provide us a part-time maid or a houseboy, but when it comes to getting done many works on full time basis perhaps maid services in Dubai or house boy service in Dubai could not be the most economical option to consider yet. But as we said if we required approximately 20 hours of service orders per week, then no other option can beat the place of part-time maid services in Dubai.

So finally the last question is how much we have to spend to get cleaning help and support for above mentioned options. So we will look price comparison for each above options to understand the cost hourly, monthly basis and also annual costs on the coming weeks. Based on that we all can take the right decision, that suit to our needs. Instead of ordering the wrong service at an unreasonable cost.

We are P&C cleaning services Dubai making a better world by helping to keep our environment clean and pleasant. Also we enjoy sharing the knowledge and information we gathered in the last 10 years here in Dubai, to help each other to make wise decisions by safeguarding all our efforts.

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