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So in this article we cover the first question of article we posted on 11/Jan/2017 ‘Initial questions to consider, before ordering cleaning services in Dubai, to keep our homes hygiene’

Question 1 – Who Should I call to do cleaning job behalf of me?

Full time maids

Full time maids can be hired through recruitment agencies, these agencies have number of maids CV’s for us to review and they help us to interview our own maid via internet, because most of the cases maids are not in Dubai. But some of the agencies can arrange you the maid to be interview here in Dubai itself because they bring maids by providing visas to them. But sponsoring a maid of our own is high costly arrangement, and also it becomes our responsibility to take care of her needs and protection. We should consider this option if we have a big house and lots of works to get done from the maid on a full-time basis such as cleaning, laundering, ironing, babysitting, cooking etc..


Part-time Maids

Part-time maids can be hired through many of the part-time maid services in Dubai, this option is very flexible and we should not bother about the maid’s visa expenses or any other needs and almost no

responsibility, because the cleaning company in another word maid services company takes care of all these needs by themselves. We just need to contact them and inform the dates and times that we need the maid to come and clean our home. The best advantage we have with this arrangement is if we don’t like the maid, we can inform the cleaning company to send another one to try. To implement these type of request we just need to call the cleaning company, in most cases those changes could get done with a short notices, like 2 hours in advance.   However this option is always better if we don’t have much works to get done from the maid from morning to evening because they charge on hourly basis. Calling and seeking part-time cleaning help and support from maid services in Dubai is always better when we need to get our house clean on regular basis such as ones per week to four times per week and not exceeding maximum of twenty hours of cleaning help and support orders per week


Part time houseboy services

 Not many companies provide houseboy cleaning services in Dubai, due to the less demand for houseboys, But sometimes professional maid services have few number of houseboys well trained and kept ready to provide for clients to do the same job that the maid can do. Most of the cases these trained houseboys does a tremendous job compare to typical maids and their performance makes us to feel very secure, pleasant and neat. Some additional works these houseboys are professional to do compare to regular maids such as window cleaning, ironing balcony and garden works, etc..These house boys can be ordered through cleaning services in Dubai who provides part time cleaning services. All advantages, services and prices are totally similar to hiring a part-time maid.


This option we can consider if we are comfortable with the house boy when we hire. The most important thing we can consider that most of these boys are polite and trustworthy

  Individual part-time workers

We can find individual part-time workers who approach us and ask for a part-time job to clean our home, these people are extra polite and friendly when they come and ask for the job obviously no doubt most of these workers are well experienced to help us with our cleaning requirement. We do not need to bother about their visa arrangements or any other needs. They also do charge us the same charges similar to maid services charge. But in case if we don’t like the cleaner there are nobody to inform and request another to do the job, because there is no person to take responsibility for their services if something went wrong we are in great trouble by hiring an individual part-time worker, because hiring these type of workers are completely illegal here in Dubai. Most of the cases these people might work for us friendly and politely for a long time but by the time that they are ready to leave back to their home country they might steal valuable things in our house and leave secretly or if something went wrong they might be disappear, at the time of such situation we will not be able to approach the authorities to complain because, at the first place we have hired an illegal worker to do the cleaning job for us. So we should not hire these types of workers at all when we consider our safety and security.


All these options are always available in the market so first we have to decide whether we are going to hire a part-time maid or houseboy or a full-time maid based on the work load that we need to get done from a cleaning worker. Then we can browse the internet or Google to find a full-time maid or a one of the best cleaning services in Dubai to fulfill our cleaning needs

Then the next question comes “can I trust them that these options will fulfill my cleaning and assistance needs persistently” so we will look in to this question with an advantage and disadvantage chart on the coming weeks. Based on that we all can take the right decision, that suit to our needs. Instead of ordering the wrong service at an unreasonable cost.

We are P&C cleaning services Dubai making a better world by helping to keep our environment clean and pleasant. Also we enjoy sharing the knowledge and information we gathered in the last 10 years here in Dubai, to help each other to make wise decisions by safeguarding all our efforts.

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