Essential cleaning goods to poses

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Essential cleaning goods to poses

AS according to our previous posts we have already discussed, that ordering cleaner who brings non-hygienic cleaning items to clean your home, is not what you pay for. We all order cleaners to clean our home to live in a clean and hygienic environment, therefore here we would like to make you aware that what are the essential things that you should have if you don’t have all required cleaning supplies in your home. For more details look article before


In general all houses have at least one toilet, a bed room, a kitchen, and a common area (Living room, Hall), so these internal areas are used for different requirements therefore we should clean those different areas with different cleaning supplies.

So let’s take as an example, that you ordered a cleaner from known cleaning services in Dubai, and then you happened to take their cleaning equipment to be used in your home. We say there is nothing wrong with that, but keep your attention with cleaning person work procedure. So always make sure that he doesn’t use the cloths to clean your kitchen or bed room, which has being used to clean the toilet. So even if the cleaner did a good job with his cleaning items, since he used his cleaning stuffs to clean your home we recommend you to keep one clean piece of fabric in your kitchen, with some Dettol to clean all kitchen tables and surfaces. Also make sure to keep another two or three fabric sponges to clean your crockeries if you are asking him to clean those.

And keep a separate cloth to clean your bedroom bed side tables and general things in your bed room

Also keep a separate piece of cloth or clean cloth to clean your bathroom toothbrush holder.

So finally we say if you can’t keep ready all cleaning goods in your home, keep at least those fabric pieces and a disinfectant cleaning chemical bottle to get the final cleaning from the cleaning worker to make sure you got your house cleaned from germs and bacteria’s by ordering cleaning services assistance in Dubai

We share these with you because we care what we do in our industry; we always look forward to be a helpful cleaning service by giving the best help and support to all people who are interested in cleaning services in Dubai.

We are P&C Cleaning services in Dubai.

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