Houseboy Services

Houseboy Services

Service Overview

Our houseboy services ideal to maintain houses in superior clean condition. Probably you will not deny continuing years long once you ordered it for the first time. Maybe you will also say houseboys are much better rather than having house maids!

Certainly effective assistance can be accomplished with our skills full and reliable cleaners. We offer helps with all household jobs that needs to be done. And our houseboy services provided with experienced staff. So be confident with your next order. Because P&C Cleaning company will gladly arrange professional houseboy services:

  • Floor cleaning in living room, entrance areas, bedrooms, kitchen, balconies, bathrooms, garden etc.
  • Furniture, electric appliances dusting , arranging beddings and organizing wardrobes, cupboards
  • Carpet vacuuming, carpet dirt marks spot cleaning and window curtain dusting and arranging
  • Cleaning kitchen tables, surfaces, pantry cupboard internal external surfaces. And dish washing, wiping and organizing utensils
  • Window cleaning internal and only on safe external balcony areas. Window frames glue, dirt marks removing
  • Laundering and drying cloths, bedding, and small carpets. cloths ironing folding organizing cloth drawers
  • Help for parties, cooking, moving light weight stuff and many other assistance

P&C Cleaning services Dubai can always ensure you finest assistance in your house. Above all our houseboy services staff knows how to handle all kind of jobs!


Studio apartment

2 hours cleaning services

1 Bedroom apartment

3 hours cleaning services

2 Bedrooms apartment

3 hours cleaning services

3 bedrooms or more

4 hours cleaning or more


Yes they are so professional in house hold jobs. Most of the time we here from clients that they are better than maids

We are confident that you will always be happy with our houseboy services. But if that is your requirement we have no objection to change the cleaner immediately.

Yes, you can take services as long as you need. But we give first priority to our regular clients

Yes we accept your timely changes, so you can terminate any contract by giving us a one month notice