Equipment Cleaning

Equipment Cleaning

Service Overview

We use several appliances with our day to day needs. But we all find it difficult to spend some time to clean those appliances. So no worries P&C professional cleaners are there to do appliances and equipment cleaning services. Once we complete the job your products will look good as new.

You can easily book our equipment cleaning services. As per our brand promises we always strive to offer you ease in dealing with us. We understand simple wiping and dusting won’t be enough for some equipment. Therefore we as experienced cleaning company can offer several specialized methods to deal with any kind of dirt.

  • Office equipment - computers, Projectors, Photocopy machines, etc.
  • Decorative - Trees, Paintings, Chandeliers etc.
  • House - Television, Refrigerators, washing machines, Cookers, Owen etc.
  • Furniture - Tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes, book racks etc.
  • Other - Coffee machines, BBq machines, grill machines, outdoor equipment etc.

Equipment cleaning times in average

Computer15 minutes
Photo copy machines15 Minutes
Refrigerator45 minutes
Cooker30 minutes
Owen45 minutes


Yes it’s possible only by contacting our office agents, they will confirm if it’s possible to provide more hours of cleaning services

After contacting us our agents will check the availability. Usually it takes less than 45 minutes to book the service and the cleaners to arrive to your place.

Yes you can, but we kindly request you to inform us 12 hours in advance. Because we deny others assuming you might not cancel.

We do accept Cheque payments and cash payments. Our office agents will inform you how to pay please ask them.