Carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning services

Service Overview

Our carpet cleaning team has satisfied many corporate and residential clients with their skills. For the reason that we keen to provide tailored packages suitable to any budget. Everybody can easily afford to have our carpet cleaning services from us.

We do undertake to clean small house carpets to large corporate office carpets. Specialized machines and carpet shampooing chemicals play a major role with this service. Once we did carpet cleaning services, definitely you will notice fresh smell in your premises. That’s because we use highly efficient carpet shampooing chemicals. Many shampooing chemicals which we use have different fragrances. Even more you can select the fragrance before we start the job.

If you need your carpets to be picked up from your place and deliver after cleaning P&C cleaning company can do so. So feel free to contact us with your next carpet cleaning services need.

  • Vacuuming carpets to remove dust and dirt
  • Stubborn dirt marks spot cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Wet vacuuming and drying
  • Giving fresh smell with fragrances

You can make orders for

Small entrance carpetsminimum 4 pcs
Bathroom carpetsminimum 4 pcs
Residential medium size carpetsminimum 4 sqmts
Residential large size carpetsask for a quotation
Large corporate offices carpetsask for a quotation


Definitely yes, some carpets can’t be clean by using common methods and chemicals. So we want to know more about your carpet before we start the job.

Generally we can clean a 4 square meters size carpet in 45 minutes. However entire process will take two more hours.

Usually we do clean small carpets within client premises. But if you required pick and delivery service only the transport charge will apply and it won’t exceed 50 AED

We do accept Cheque payments and cash payments. Our office agents will inform you how to pay please ask them.